What are Global Communities’ Values?

Our values are four commitments that we use to define our work, our approach and who we are. We use these to guide our work and our behavior as partners for good. They are:


We work through relationships based on trust, respect and equity. We are diplomatic and sensitive to cultures. We work and employ locally. We believe that equality, shared responsibility and complementary strengths are at the core of our partnerships. We are accountable and insist upon ethical behavior in how we interact with the world around us.


We do what we do because it is the right thing to do. We work with passion, enthusiasm, a belief in our mission and in our people, and we are determined to ensure our work results in tangible, long-term good worldwide.


We bring together communities, the private sector, governments, organizations and the full range and resources of our networks to improve dialogue, create prosperity, stability, peace and positive change. We learn from each other. We embrace technology as a means to better connect the world around us.


We are a resolute, forward-looking organization that embraces change in the world and among ourselves to drive new ways to achieve our mission. We bring clarity to complex issues. We are smart and responsive, business-like, and determined to innovate and find ways to partner more effectively for the benefit of our community partners worldwide.

Global Communities is guided by some core principles in its operations in Ghana:

  • INTEGRITY: Whereby Global Communities as an institution, its staff and partners are expected to diligently carry out their mandates and uphold high professional morals in delivering services. We deliver needed services to our partners in pursuit of our mission and vision. 
  • TEAMWORK: Global Communities Ghana values the contribution of each and every employee and encourages teamwork and cooperation at all levels and at all times, within the policy guidelines of the organization. 
  • RESPONSIVENESS: All issues are to be treated with urgency and new situations and opportunities responded to quickly to meet project objectives. 
  • INNOVATION: Global Communities Ghana fosters an open door policy which encourages interaction, discussion of ideas to improve the work environment, thereby increasing productivity. Global Communities Ghana is committed to providing a work environment that is free from verbal or physical harassment, and has a policy that prohibits harassment of employees by other employees or supervisor on any basis including, but not limited to age, race, color, handicap, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or gender.


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