Some pupils avoid the use of tippy taps due to the sporadic splashes of water that hit the ground during handwashing, imprinting muddy stains on their clothes, shoes and especially their white socks. This inconvenience is gradually fading out as some schools in the Agotime-Ziope District, in the Volta Region, have taken on the use of rock-lined holes dug beneath the gallon dispensing water for handwashing. Aside from the holes lined with rocks, objects are arched around the hole to prevent further splashes.  Rest assured your shoes and cloths will be unstained after washing your hand with the newly improved tippy-tap.

A pupil of Dramave DA Primary School using the newly improved tippy-tap

 A total of 25 basic schools in the Agotime-Ziope District benefitted from the Small Grants program, a sub-component of the USAID funded WASH for Health (W4H) Project through the Center for Integrated Education and Development (CIED). CIED is a beneficiary organization which received funding for the training of head teachers and SHEP coordinators on hand washing, construction of tippy-taps and Menstrual Hygiene Management.

As a result of this training, most of the beneficiary schools have implemented the rock-lined holes as part of the tippy-tap system and reinforced handwashing. Handwashing at critical times of the day; after visiting the toilet, before and after eating, is essential to healthy living. The tippy-tap is one of the innovative and affordable handwashing facilities adopted in most rural areas.

The Small Grants Program supports local organizations to facilitate sustainable, innovative, community-driven projects that improve sanitation, water and hygiene for individuals, households and communities. The Program awards a maximum of $2,000 to successful applicants to complete their proposed project within six months.

About 60 communities in four regions, (Northern, Western, Central, Volta), have so far benefitted from the program. By the end of August 2018, all community projects under the Small Grants program for the will be completed.


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