for poor urban communities in Ghana by improving water supply and sanitation infrastructure, hygiene behavior change, and governance. This goal is consistent with the intended results of the Health Status Improved objective under the USAID/Ghana strategic framework.

Global Communities will accomplish this goal through a community-driven approach involving a broad range of stakeholders in Ghana to address critical gaps in availability and access to water and sanitation services for the urban poor. Specifically, WASH-UP will improve services in three slum communities of Accra and two slum communities in the urban area of Sekondi-Takoradi where water, sanitation, hygiene, and related health problems are particularly severe. The specific objectives for WASH-UP are:

  1. To increase household access to affordable, improved, and sustainable drinking water supply
  2. To increase household access to improved and sustainable sanitation facilities
  3. To promote innovative economic enterprises in the areas of water and sanitation
  4. To improve hygiene and sanitation behaviors among the urban poor
  5. To strengthen local governance for water supply, sanitation service, and hygiene promotion


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